Customizing Colors Colormag

In this section, there are 3 options to customize the theme:

  • global theme color setting;
  • header color customization;
  • link color setting.

color colormag

Global theme color setting

It changes the main theme color of the site. Changes are reflected in various sections of the site such as site header, widget header, icons, border, etc.

color colormag

Base color

This option changes the color of the text in the article. The part of the text that is used under the heading in widgets will also inherit this color.

colormag base color

Skin Color

This option is used to change the site background: white background or dark background.

colormag dark theme

Headings color

This option changes the color of the headers. It may be different for you, but for some reason this function does not work for me with some widgets in the slider.

headings color colormag

Color H1 tag

This option globally changes the color for H1 tags. These tags are used only in the headings of articles in the posts themselves.

tag h1 color

Color H2 and H3 tags

The H2 and H3 tags are used inside articles, but H3 tags are still used in headers in widgets.

color tags colormag

Link color

This option is designed to specify the color of links on the site. This works for links inside an article or post. The color of links in the menu is indicated in another paragraph.

Link color