Customizing Typography Colormag

This setting is for typography settings. The option is divided into 2 parts:

  • typography settings for the entire site;
  • typography settings for headings.

With the help of settings, you can configure the following options:

  • family – you can choose the required font family to be used on the site. Just select a font and it will immediately appear on the site. This setting does not set the font-family of the site headers, only the text.
  • weight – is used to specify the thickness of the text.
  • Size – is used to specify the text size.
  • Line Height – is used to specify the distance between lines of text.
  • letter spacing – is used to indicate the distance between the letters of the text.
  • Style (for headings) – is for specifying the style of headings.
  • Transform (for headers) – is intended to indicate the transformation of headers.

Header settings have exactly the same setup menu as the body option. To set the necessary properties, click on the pencil opposite the required heading and a drop-down menu with settings will open.

typografy colormag settings