Colormag Template

This template for WordPress has an excellent stylish modern design that will surprise everyone with its versatility and performance. This theme embodies the latest information technology, high quality and excellent performance. It is suitable for websites and blogs of various subjects.

The main features and advantages of the template:

  • supported in all browsers and on all modern devices;
  • works great, there is no distortion in adaptability;
  • quickly installed thanks to special instructions;
  • many settings that are always convenient and easy to use, for example, change the background, font, theme, etc .;
  • there are many widgets;
  • convenient menu layout;
  • suitable for a variety of sites. Especially news portals and blogs;
  • you can make a demo site with simple settings;
  • there are three columns;
  • you can insert any number of photos and videos, etc.;the topic is highly trafficked.

This template is distinguished by its functionality and unique design. Such a theme will always attract potential users. Well-chosen color combinations will not distract from the most important information.

Demo template link: colormag

One of the most important features of the template is download speed. You can not use acceleration plugins – the developer made sure that the site loading was at its best.

Another great feature is the automatic resizing of the image. Usually, if you uploaded an image, let’s say 300kB, then it will be uploaded with this volume. In this theme, images are automatically scaled to the minimum size depending on the place of use, while the quality remains at a high level.

On this site you can find all the necessary information about the Colormag theme. All recommendations are based on the personal experience of the author, who has been using it for many years, from the earliest versions, and has created many sites on it that still work.

The author of the blog is a programmer, simple explanations will be available to you, but at the same time with a fairly deep understanding of the subject matter.